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Mary's Message to Philip

March 13, 2022

Color Stain

“Just as I prepared the way for my Son’s battle with the fallen and the redemption of all people, so I come now to prepare the way for my Son’s next battle with the fallen when the war shall be over.


It was necessary to purify some land to receive Him, and it was necessary to prepare a womb that could hold Him. So many people worked to make this happen over strings of time that weave the cloth of a blanket to hold the new humanity.


People were not capable of holding my Son. The land was so evil that it corrupted people so that they did not see the goal to restore a place that you call Eden and a human experience destined to be above the angels.  


My Son came to do this because you saw humanity as flawed, and you acted as if the basic nature of humanity was to be fallen. That colored everything you did – everything you do. How can humanity be transformed above the angels when you see each other under the feet of even the fallen angels?  How can you assume that place when you do not see the reflection of God in each other? I come now to tell you to see that reflection so that humanity can be revealed as it is. 


What can I say to let you see what our Father gave you? You left Eden but our Father does not exile you. You exile your own lives by seeing only what the fallen want you to see. You could be in heaven, but you would only see the pit of darkness.


People came to place beacons of light in the land you saw as the fallen. You did not see those beacons, and you saw my Son not as a constant light in the darkness, but as a promise of some future. This is what happened when your blindness took you from Eden. You created the land of evil.


Just as my Son could not be born into a womb tainted by original sin, so He could not return to a land tainted by original sin. When He came to me, He came into a small island in a sea of darkness. But when He returns, He will be in all places and in all people who see the reflection of God in each other. 


Just as the prophets and saints prepared the land so that my Son could walk on it, so everyone will transform the land by bringing purification into it with the reflection of God.  Only then will it drive out the fallen that constantly turn you away from what you already have.


The first time you saw my Son’s passion, you saw it as the fallen showing their power to kill even the Incarnation of God. They have this power only when you do not see things as they are. You choose to see the fallen killing God. 


The second time you saw the fallen, you saw that my Son died because He wanted to, and the fallen were not the cause. He died so that the human part of Him could be reborn as the reflection of God, not the fallen. He died for our sin of choosing to think that we live in the land of the fallen, and thereby inviting the fallen into our lives. 


The angels of God laughed at the fallen during my Son’s Passion because it was the victory over the fallen, even though the fallen thought they were winning – because it was the victory over the fallen, even though the fallen thought they were winning.  This is how the angels and I saw the Passion because we did not see through the eyes of original sin. When my Son asked you to constantly relive the Passion, He was telling you to relive the Passion without original sin blinding your vision.


The third time you saw the Passion, you walked in it. It was all around you. Yet at the same time, you saw the Italian landscape, the olive trees and the buildings. This was not a vision that took you into the past, but a vision that took you into the future so that you could see that when you see the reflection of God, you are in the future, not the past. 


That led to the future you lived in Rome, a future where you shook hands with the Pope. This future is the birthright of all people who see the reflection of God and how that takes them into the future. My Son had to come so that this possibility entered all people. He had to transform what a human body could do. Celebrating this is reliving the Passion.


When I gave you messages for Lent to Pentecost, it was the journey of humanity from the fallen to being able to see the reflection of God and how my Son’s resurrection brought the reflection of God into all people, and how that was not the limited life we see. We see limitations because we choose to see with the eyes of original sin. 


People are evil only because they choose original sin. So many times, my Father in heaven tried to eliminate that curse. But each time the fallen blinded the world. So your Father in heaven chose to send His Son in a human body, but one that could not be blinded. Then He sent His Son back without being hidden behind our eyes of original sin.  


In the resurrected body, we constantly see the reflection of God. Previously, we only guessed at that glory. Previously, we saw the miracles and said that that was special. Now everyone could see the reflection of God in ordinary life without the brief flashes of light you see as miracles.


If God entered humanity at the conception of my Son, the reflection of God entered humanity at the rebirth and resurrection of my Son. People saw the light without the miracles. That was the story of the three Passions you saw. That is the story behind Lent to Pentecost. 


What I told you when we first met was the story of how humanity fell. I did not want those exact words to be recorded. That would freeze them in time and celebrate the fall, not the resurrection of not only my Son, but the resurrection of the divine spark in all people, as it was part of how we lived in the Garden of Eden.


My Son’s Passion was only to restore Eden in all people. It was so that you could live that way in human bodies. When my Son resurrected, all people resurrected. Only your blindness keeps you from seeing what you have already been given.  


I am not special. But I see my Son, and you see His glory reflected in me. I am human, and you have to see that glory in all people. That is the only way to escape the blindness. The battle is not with the fallen, but with the false stories the fallen have told us as they gave spiritual truths hidden in a wrapper of one great lie. That the core of all people is where the fallen took us, not the freedoms that my Son has already given.


Among those lies is that living in this world dooms us. Eden is the opposite. And the journey of life is the journey of Lent to Pentecost.


Tell them as much as you remember of how original sin blinded human eyes, how it transformed the land. Just as how the stink of original sin is now transforming your world into the fires of hell as you turn away from your Father’s gift.


The prophets and saints came once before to transform the land so that I could hold my Son in my womb. I am the reflection of those prophets and saints. I am what I am because their reflection of God made it possible. I come now to start the same transformation of the land.


Let the reflection of God enter the land so that everyone can hold my Son in them! So that everyone, all peoples, can see the glory of God’s gifts! Do not let the land become barren. Make the land into the fertile reflection of our Father, and then bring back Eden.  


It is so hard for people to live properly when they live in a land that has been burned by the lies of the fallen.


Do not battle each other, but battle eyes that see only the reflection of original sin. See as my Son made it possible for you to see when He let the world see his resurrected body. This is the true journey from Lent to Pentecost. In Eden, we lived with the reflection of God, and the land reflected holiness.”

Mother Mary to Philip

October 19, 2021, 6:20am. 

Mary Chapel, Columbus, OH

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