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Mary's Message on the Ukrainian War

“This war is a battle between the mind and the soul. It is the soul that will win. It is the soul of the people that can rise above these horrors. The mind may fail, but the soul lives in the truth that lies beyond all human action. The only way to survive in the face of the fallen is to live from your soul."

Mother Mary

February 28, 2022

The Story of Mary's Message

Oh Beloved Ones,


Since 1999, Mother Mary has appeared to me and had me transcribe her messages, including warnings about worldwide disasters, especially climate change. Mother Mary has appeared to someone before nearly every war, and I wondered why she had not appeared during the Ukrainian War of 2022. Why was she silent?


Mary appears when she wants. I am her servant, and I prayed constantly that she would appear and give a message to lift the world, and to bring hope to the suffering people of Ukraine. Finally, she appeared as I prayed this morning. She gave a message about this war, and how to survive the horrors of war.  It is a message of hope, and it explains how the Ukrainian people are surviving.


She told me:


“This war is a battle between the mind and the soul.  It is the soul that will win.  It is the soul of the people that can rise above these horrors.  The mind may fail, but the soul lives in the truth that lies beyond all human action.  The only way to survive in the face of the fallen is to live from your soul.”


I started to ask questions, but Mother Mary replied,


“Instead of a message that speaks to your mind, I will give you an experience of the power of the soul in the face of evil.”


Instantly I was transported into the war zone where I experienced the war from my soul, not my mind that lives far away from evil.  I was just another person following other people into an underground bunker to escape the bombs falling around us. Most of the people hiding in that underground room had some sort of illness, wounds, boils on their face, or obvious pain. Small children tried to give comfort to the suffering adults.


By the light of a few candles, everyone started to speak about how to survive this catastrophe. They were all people of great faith, and the war had forced them to live from that faith. They talked about love as the answer. I remembered the words Mary spoke as she sent me into the war.  I felt that she wanted me to tell these people and the world about the power of the soul resisting the horrors inflected by the fallen. 


Here is a summary of what Mary used me to say.  These words are approximate; only the words of Mary were transcribed as she spoke.  She has had me transcribing her words for the past two decades. These words were what she sent me to say, but they still were filtered through my imperfect human mind.


Your pain is nothing but your soul’s suffering made visible to you. Your soul is trapped in this body, and this body lives in a world of negativity. Your soul suffers because it is trapped in the body. How can you be free of the suffering of your soul when your soul is constantly with you, and you live in a world filled with horrors?


Jesus was fully human and fully divine. He showed how to live with both human suffering and divine intent. He showed how to suffer and then make that suffering irrelevant. This is what you must do. This is the spiritual opportunity presented by this war.


Before He entered into the suffering of his crucifixion, Jesus prayed that we would know Him and His father as living inside us, just as He did. 


Everything changed when Jesus’ human body went beyond the boundaries of life and death. Jesus brought that possibility into every person, and that was Jesus’ gift to us all.


Although the mind only sees the physical, our souls see the reflection of God that Jesus put in us all. The only way to survive evil is to know that you contain the reflection of Jesus overcoming the suffering of crucifixion and then being resurrected as the best example of what a human body can hold. 


Mary comes to teach us how to escape suffering by loving with the powers of God that live in the reflection of God in every person. Mary comes to tell us how Jesus entered into us all so that we could love with some of the powers of God. And having the powers of God to love flow through us while still alive is the entire purpose of human life. This is what Mother Theresa told me in India when I asked her about the purpose of spiritual practice was, “It is learning to love with the powers of God.”


Mary tells everyone how to love with the powers of God. Her words are not simple messages of love as we imagine love to be, but rather how to love as God loves. And that is something very different from the way the mind wants to see life.


When you love with the powers of God you are participating in the nature of God, and participating in the nature of God as we are told to do. Jesus incarnated to make it possible for us to participate in the nature of God by loving with some of the powers of God.


The mind wants to ignore the reflection of God in our neighbors because our mind wants to see our neighbors as either fellow prisoners or as our jailers. This is not what our Lord taught.


Jesus summarized his entire message as two things: Love God and love your neighbor. What does this mean? Loving the God in your neighbor takes you out of the boundaries of ordinary human life. It is then, and only then, that your soul takes you beyond the suffering of this world as you see the reflection of God in your neighbor.


It is only then that you can be resurrected as the reflection of God loving the reflection of God. Before he was arrested and entered into His suffering, Jesus prayed that you would have this ability. You do not have to become anything new to love as Jesus asked. He is already merged into your soul. Yes, your mind takes you into sin, but behind everything is the purity of essence that Jesus prayed you would know.


This is a moment when the suffering has become so strong that the mind loses its grip and it becomes possible to escape the prison more easily.  Do not let the mind create greater prison walls by seeing opposition everywhere. Instead, see this time as something so overwhelming that your consciousness can move beyond the boundaries of your own mind and learn to love with some of the powers of God.


The only way to escape suffering, the only way to not be constantly reminded of the suffering of your soul, is to focus on the reflection of God in your neighbor. This reflection is how you can know and love the divine reality that exists simultaneously with this world. It is how you can participate in the divine nature, as St. Peter said in 2 Peter. It is how you can start to know the possibility opened when Jesus incarnated as fully human and fully divine.


We cannot be fully divine, but we can emulate Jesus as he showed us how to touch the divine as you live in this world.  Since she is human and had God inside her, Mary knows best how to see the divine inside a human body.


Now she comes to tell us that the souls of the Ukrainian people, and the souls of the world, are what will win this war with evil. In this time of war, they are showing us how to step outside of the mind that causes war and go beyond evil by loving as God loves. The world is seeing how even war can be fought with God’s love.

About Words of Mary

In 1999, Mary, the mother of Jesus, appeared to Philip Lipetz, a Jewish yogi with no interest in Christianity. She told him to write down her exact words as she spoke. She also asked him to share them with the world. For years he shared nothing, and she stopped coming.


In 2012, he finally started teaching as she had asked. Mary reappeared and revealed the true purpose of her visits: to share the Five Mysteries of Jesus’ life so that you can experience Jesus in yourself and your neighbors, just as she did.

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